Delivering on the promise of justice for all

Our vision
is of a world in which
families are safe and secure,
all people have enough
to eat and a roof overhead,
children go to good
schools, health care
is available when needed,
people with disabilities
are able to do everything
they are able to do and people
of all languages and cultures
feel at home with each other.

twin girlsGLSP lawyer helps family get services from school for twin autistic daughters

A Latina mother of twin daughters, who are both autistic, contacted Georgia Legal Services for help with her daughters’ school. The mother could speak and understand very limited English. When her daughters came home and told her there had been an incident at school involving a teacher, the mother went to the principal’s office to discuss the incident. She tried to explain to the assistant principal what her daughters had told her. The assistant principal failed to call an interpreter, and from what the mother was able to understand, he threatened to expel her daughters, claiming that they were lying. The mother wrote emails to the principal about the incident and the assistant principal’s unprofessionalism. The principal wrote back in English. Our client also requested an Individualized Education Plan evaluation for her daughters so they could get access to services in school, but the principal failed to respond to that request.

GLSP bilingual attorney Shelly Anand took the case and contacted the school and the school district administration. She was able to get an interpreter to work with the family, as well as an apology from the school for how the family had been treated. Both girls have now had an IEP evaluation.

This case occurred in a county near metro Atlanta in which GLSP has represented several families whose children were unfairly disciplined or in other ways harmed by the school system’s repeated failure to provide interpreters to help families understand school policies and procedures. Because of GLSP’s involvement, the county is now offering language access for Limited English Proficiency parents, ensuring equal treatment for their children.



We are a non-profit law firm serving rural and small town Georgia.

We offer free legal services in civil cases to people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. We have 11 offices around the state to serve people where they live.
Our clients have “high stakes” problems, such as domestic violence, eviction or foreclosure, denial of hard-earned benefits such as unemployment, inability to get critically needed health care or food aid, and many more.
Our work is to assure that low income people have access to justice and opportunities out of poverty.
When problems occur, we help our clients secure the support they need to get back on their feet — with dignity.
When rights are denied, we help our clients seek redress and have those rights assured. Click below to see a video on GLSP made on the occasion of the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys Founders award ceremony.


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