Delivering on the promise of justice for all

Our vision
is of a world in which
families are safe and secure,
all people have enough
to eat and a roof overhead,
children go to good
schools, health care
is available when needed,
people with disabilities
are able to do everything
they are able to do and people
of all languages and cultures
feel at home with each other.

Portrait of the old woman at a nursing home.GLSP saves nursing home patient from eviction after son takes money needed to pay her bills

Sandra Bartlett was transferred to a nursing home when she could no longer live at home. Her son, who was on all her accounts at the bank, liquidated all her Certificates of Deposit totaling more than $80,000 and transferred the money to his personal bank account without his mother’s knowledge and after he had been told that money was needed to pay her nursing home bill. He also diverted almost all Mrs. Bartlett’s monthly income to his own use and lived rent free in her home. He failed or refused to apply for Medicaid for his mother. Finally, when an application was finally submitted for her, he admitted to the caseworker that he had taken all her money. The nursing home filed papers to discharge Mrs. Bartlett for failure to pay her bill. The state nursing home ombudsman referred this case to GLSP. At this point, Mrs. Bartlett’s other son became involved. GLSP was able to have the second son become Mrs. Bartlett’s agent under a power of attorney. GLSP also appealed the discharge and worked through another Medicaid application, through which Mrs. Bartlett was qualified for nursing home Medicaid. The nursing home agreed to drop the discharge and the client was able to stay in a safe environment.

The client’s name has been changed to protect her confidentiality



We are a non-profit law firm serving rural and small town Georgia.

We offer free legal services in civil cases to people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. We have 11 offices around the state to serve people where they live.
Our clients have “high stakes” problems, such as domestic violence, eviction or foreclosure, denial of hard-earned benefits such as unemployment, inability to get critically needed health care or food aid, and many more.
Our work is to assure that low income people have access to justice and opportunities out of poverty.
When problems occur, we help our clients secure the support they need to get back on their feet — with dignity.
When rights are denied, we help our clients seek redress and have those rights assured. Click below to see a video on GLSP made on the occasion of the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys Founders award ceremony.


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