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About Pro Bono
Our judicial system cannot function without the availability of counsel to ensure that all people have effective access to the legal system. The need for legal assistance by low-income Georgians to resolve life-shattering problems is enormous. Legal intervention is often the critical factor that enables a family to remain together or to receive vital financial support. In even the best of times, legal aid programs can serve only a small fraction of the persons who meet their eligibility standards and who need legal assistance. Private attorney participation—or “pro bono”– is absolutely critical, especially so in areas of Georgia where we have no lawyers or very few lawyers who can be called upon to help. You can help. Fill out the Volunteer Pledge Form.

You choose how to volunteer

Georgia Legal Services Program provides you with pro bono service opportunities across the state. Stay in your office and offer brief services and advice via telephone. Drop in to one of our pro bono legal clinics. Take a case and go to court.

Your time matters to us. Tell us how you would like to participate. Tell us how many and what type of civil cases interest you and we’ll contact you when the time is right and with the right kind of case. For more information about pro bono opportunities, click here.

We help you be a great pro bono advocate
The GLSP pro bono coordinator who contacts you about pro bono service is your pro bono support contact. The pro bono coordinator helps connect you to resources and provides you with help in maintaining contact with your client, sample forms and pleadings. Attorneys in our regional offices are available to consult with you if you have questions about the case you are assigned.

We are an accredited ICLE sponsor. Attend one of our free or at-cost trainings around the state.

We provide professional liability insurance coverage for the cases we refer to you.

New Training Resources Available!

In 2019, Georgia Legal Services Program received a Technology Innovation Grant from Legal Services Corporation to build new training resources for volunteers. We are pleased to announce this platform is now available! Just click the button below to go to the GLSP eLearning site to register. At the top, there is a dropdown. Select Pro Bono. Then you’re in!

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The Pro Bono Unit publishes a monthly newsletter to keep everyone up-to-date about its opportunities, activities, and events.

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