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*Photos and names are fictional to protect client privacy
Tina had been enrolled in a Medicare Savings Plan for some time and relied on her monthly benefits to make ends meet. One day, Tina received a letter stating that she was no longer eligible for the monthly benefit and that she even owed several hundred dollars for the time that she was receiving the benefit but was ineligible. That is when Tina came to Georgia Legal Services. Our attorney, Whitney Lee, immediately investigated the issue. After verifying Tina’s income, Lee called DFCS to resolve the matter without having a hearing. With the help of Shayla Henderson, a valued member of the Albany office support staff, the DFCS representatives were able to find a system error that resulted in Tina’s reported income had been doubled in the system. DFCS was thus able to verify that Tina was still eligible for the benefit. Tina was reimbursed for the benefits she was denied. With the help of GLSP, Tina was able to make ends meet. She will now be able to continue to afford her bills to pay off her mortgage. Tina’s story is a great example of how GLSP can still significantly help a client’s situation without having to escalate to a courtroom.