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Your cover letter is your first chance to show your potential employer that you are a compelling and talented writer. Use it to your advantage!

  1. Highlight the aspects of your resume that show your commitment to public interest work over time. If you have not had public service internships, jobs, or law school activities,  be sure you have volunteered for meaty and meaningful legal work.

  2. “Narrate” your resume so the reader will have a deeper understanding of your past experiences and how they have prepared you for this position.

  3. Point out leadership positions and identify the skills these positions have honed.

  4. Always use active voice and write clearly and succinctly.

  5. Without being unprofessional, look for ways to let your personality shine through your letter.

  6. Read the letter several times for narrative flow, active voice, grammar, and punctuation.  Then have someone else do that, too.  There’s nothing more off-putting than a cover letter with mistakes!