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GLSP’s housing work is guided by Matthew Desmond’s statement that: “Eviction is a cause, not simply a condition, of poverty.” GLSP’s legal work focuses on the representation of tenants in both subsidized housing and private rental housing. We seek to preserve housing by raising legal defenses to evictions and improve housing quality by representing tenants seeking repairs. Healthy and stable housing is essential to maintaining employment, educational achievement for children, and physical and mental health. Throughout GLSP’s service area, affordable housing is scarce which makes its preservation all the more vital.

In addition to its work preventing evictions and addressing conditions in rental housing, GLSP provides legal assistance for a wide variety of housing issues including:

• Representing tenants who are victims of housing discrimination which can include filing demonstrative complaints and making reasonable accommodation requests for clients with physical or mental impairments.
• In addition to representing tenants in subsidized housing facing eviction or loss of their housing assistance, GLSP also assists these tenants with issues relating to the calculation of their housing assistance and compliance with the regulations governing subsidized housing.
• Helping clients remove barriers that prevent them from accessing affordable housing such as a criminal record, poor credit, or a prior dispossessory action.
• In addition to representing tenants, as resources permit, we work with homeowners threatened with losing their home due to foreclosure, tax issues, or other title issues.
• When a natural disaster strikes, GLSP allocates resources to assist clients with the resulting housing issues including helping tenants and homeowners access emergency services and benefits. We will collaborate with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Younger Lawyers Division of the State Bar to provide these services.

Additional Information:

Know Your Housing Rights with Georgia Legal Services Program

Georgia Legal Services Program (GLSP) has developed new eLearning lessons to assist Georgia tenants. The legal information currently available includes lessons on repair issues, the early stages of an eviction, hearings and judgments, and using the tender defense. Click the button below to access the lessons.

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