1-833-GLSPLAW (1-833-457-7529)

I work for the Public Benefits Hotline at Georgia Legal Services. With the Benefits Hotline, I am considered the supervising paralegal. I assist clients with their benefit application matters, whether it’s to renew a program, determine eligibility, or providing new applications. 

Public benefits would include Medicaid, Food Stamps, TANF, home repair programs, and more. 

My personal philosophy in dealing with clients, and even with my coworkers and my personal life, is to always be kind.

It’s the simplest thing. When you talk to someone with a soft tone, and your words are clear and specific.

A friend told me this about my son: “When he leaves for school, give him something that gives him life.” So even if I’m not saying those words to my clients, I try to give them life with my tone of voice and with my demeanor when I’m over the phone. I try to be as kind as possible.

A generous gift I received from a client

That is because of the multitude of complaints I hear about our clients being treated rudely by welfare agencies. If a person is suffering hardship and illness, and they live alone, and they may be elderly, with all these dominoes… the least we can do is be kind to them. I don’t think that mistreating someone on top of their hardship will enhance anything.

The bottom line is to be kind.