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Family Law

Georgia Legal Services provides domestic violence survivors with legal representation to protect their safety and financial independence for themselves and their children. We assist clients in securing orders of protection, custody, child support, healthcare, SNAP, Medicaid, Unemployment, housing protections, and other civil legal rights. GLSP reaches into our communities to serve clients who speak Spanish, are otherwise Limited English Proficient, or deaf and hard of hearing. GLSP recruits private attorneys to help us serve clients where available. We develop, translate, and distribute educational materials on these issues and provide community education on important topics to survivors. We collaborate with our partners, including law enforcement, domestic violence agencies, shelters, and sexual assault agencies, to coordinate a community response to end domestic violence. We have an elder abuse project to help elder Georgians threatened by family violence and a teen dating project that goes into schools and colleges with inspirational and educational presentations. GLSP generally does not provide divorce representation except in limited circumstances for survivors of family violence, often with counsel and advice.  If you need Hotline assistance you can contact the 24 hour DV Hotline in Georgia at (800) 334-2836.

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