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*Photos and names are fictional to protect client's privacy
Don was referred to GLSP by a hospital social worker. Don suffers from severe mental illness and needed subsidized housing near his family. Previous to his hospital stay, Don was homeless and had no form of photo identification. The social worker tried to obtain a state identification card for Don, but her request was denied because Don’s name on his birth certificate did not match on other important legal documents such as his social security card, his marriage license, his school records, and his divorce decree. Therefore, he was denied subsidized housing. GLSP’s attorneys at the Augusta office location filed a petition to change Don’s legal name to match the name he had been using throughout his life and that was depicted on various documents. When the judge granted the name change, the social worker was then able to acquire a photo ID for Don, which granted him subsidized housing near his family. Now, thanks for GLSP, Don can age at home surrounded by family.