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Brunswick Staff Attorney, Elliott Gillooly, Protects Senior from Negligent Landlord

Client names and identifying information are changed to protect our client’s privacy.

Sandra O’Connor is a senior citizen living in Southeast Georgia. Her total annual retirement income is around $20,000 a year. For years, she rented a mobile home for $400/month. The mobile home was in severe disrepair and Ms. O’Connor has been injured several times. Medical bills have accumulated as a result.

Earlier this year, Ms. O’Connor paid several months of rent to the landlord’s employee. The employee stole the money and skipped town. Instead of talking to Ms. O’Connor about what happened, the mobile home park owner filed a dispossessory case alleging that Ms. O’Connor owed him the rent money that was stolen by his employee.

Elliott Gillooly is a staff attorney at our Brunswick Regional Office. He works for our Eviction Prevention Project  and was able to take on Ms. O’Connor’s case. Gillooly represented Ms. O’Connor in court and successfully argued for the dispossessory to be dismissed.

Ms. O’Connor has since moved into a new home with safe and sanitary living conditions. Thanks to Gillooly’s help, she does not have to forfeit a significant portion of her income to a negligent landlord.