Technology GLSP seeks to maintain a level of technological proficiency that enables staff to work efficiently and effectively, to communicate with others and access resources on the Internet, and to maintain records and data for management, evaluation, and planning purposes. Technology is also put to full use in accounting and personnel functions. GLSP offices are linked via a Wide Area Network and a VOIP telephone system. Case management is supported by Legal Server, a statewide web-based application that allows real-time conflicts checking, online supervision and support, and up-to-date case services reporting and grant monitoring.

cialis long term use We have several recent enhancements, including (1) the use of “wikis” as vehicles for knowledge-sharing and developing strategic solutions to common client problems across our many offices and large state, (2) the use of webcams to facilitate some meetings and interactions without the need for expensive travel, and (3) the initiation of our “Virtual Law Office” concept, in which staff are equipped with laptops and printers for remote service to clients and to promote productivity when staff have dead time at circuit riding sites. We are beginning to develop a Program-wide resource on SharePoint which will allow full document source and other tools to support collaboration and sharing of resources. viagra effectiveness time GLSP, the Atlanta Legal Aid Society, and other public interest legal organizations collaborate to support this website that contains information and resources for the public. Information is available for speakers of Spanish and many other languages. The site receives hundreds of thousands of page views per year and thousands of downloads of forms, instruction, and other information. Recent enhancements include the ability to “communicate” with GLSP’s new Case Management System to allow staff to easily access resources for clients from this website.

see see GLSP and the State Bar Pro Bono Project support this website as a resource for GLSP staff as well as attorneys who sign up to take cases on a volunteer or reduced fee basis. The site includes extensive resources on topics of poverty and other law, links to other information, news, a calendar, and much more. Recent enhancements include the posting of videotaped training presentations for volunteer attorneys and the development of a “Live Help” feature which assists volunteers to find resources on the site. We have collaborated with several court-based legal information centers to develop podcasts for lay litigants.

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is viagra safe for hypertension A password-protected section of the site serves as GLSP’s “knowledge base” on which extensive poverty law materials are posted, including in-house training materials, videos, and links to other resources. The site includes a Program activities calendar, administrative manuals and forms, LSC regulations, etc.

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