For Farmworkers

Welcome to the Farmworker Rights Division

enter site The Farmworker Rights Division helps people who work on farms receive fair pay and fair treatment for their hard work. The attorneys of the Division have helped hundreds of workers get jobs, back wages, and compensation for other workplace wrongs. The Division’s attorneys only represent agricultural workers and specialize in the wage and workplace issues they face. Since 1998, the Division has successfully litigated farm workers’ claims in federal court, enforcing their rights under the federal minimum wage Fair Labor Standards Act, the federal Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act, federal anti-discrimination statutes like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and employment contracts like the federal H-2A visa program. Georgia is one of the country’s largest users of the H-2A visa program, which allows growers to import farm workers from outside the U.S. on a seasonal basis. The Division seeks to ensure that growers respect the employment rights of their H-2A workforce, as well as actively recruit and employ local workers before resorting to the H-2A program.

go site “Interning with the Farmworker Division opened my eyes to the injustices many United States farm workers face. The greatest lesson I learned was that public interest law is not only about arguing law and winning cases. It is also about standing up with real people to help them exercise their rights.”

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