For Clients Georgia Legal Services Program clients receive high quality, respectful and results-oriented service from GLSP attorneys and paralegals. We have 10 regional offices to serve clients where they live.

viagra para animales familyGLSP tries to practice law for the “whole client,” making sure, for example, that a woman who comes to us for a protective order against an abusive spouse also applies for and gets housing, food stamps, health care protection for her children, child support, and other help she may need. Our mission is to provide access to justice, but also avenues out of poverty. Helping clients reach safety, then income and housing stability are the first steps on that road. We serve about 10,000 clients a year directly and many more through free legal clinics and “Ask a Lawyer” days. We also conduct dozens of community education events around the state every year during which valuable information is given to attendees that they can use to help solve their legal issues. take viagra and use penis pump Click here for more information on income limits and the types of cases GLSP handles.

High Impact Cases

cheap viagra free shipping GLSP looks for high impact cases that will have a lasting impact in solving common problems, as well as helping the individual client. For example, a 2010 ruling in a GLSP case changed a state policy and helped hundreds of nursing home residents stay in their homes, rather than being evicted for non-payment of medical bills accrued before they were certified for Medicaid. GLSP discovered that the state was not following federal law in getting these bills paid by the client’s own income before the state Medicaid program began to take that income for Medicaid offsets. Click here to get more information about high impact cases that have changed the lives of thousands of Georgians.

follow site In addition to handling hundreds of domestic violence cases a year for individuals, GLSP also trains judges, law enforcement officers and shelter personnel in how to handle cases involving family violence. GLSP staff helped to develop interactive online forms that can be used directly by victims to file in court for protective orders. And our attorneys worked with other advocates to create a “bench book” for judges all over the state to use to follow best practices in family violence cases. Click here to learn about our specialist attorney who is an expert on domestic violence law.

here Our Farmworkers Rights Division has represented hundreds of citizen and legal immigrant farm workers in cases where they were not paid promised wages, or in which they were not given transportation or housing they were guaranteed, as well as in cases where citizen workers were passed over for cheaper immigrant labor, in violation of federal law. Recently the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) found in favor of Georgia farm workers by ruling that a large south Georgia grower had been discriminating against local workers in order to hire H-2A visa workers at lower wages and substandard living conditions. Click here to learn more about our Farmworker Rights Division.

Georgia Clients Council GLSP represents and collaborates with the Georgia Clients Council, a statewide network of regional and local grassroots client organizations. GCC hosts an annual conference where members and supporters gather to learn about updates in relevant areas of interest, such as public benefits, housing, and more. GCC also supports independent projects such as the “Claiming a Street Named King” project, microenterprise development, collaboration with the Red Cross for disaster response, and leadership training. GCC collaborates with GLSP staff to respond to community needs such as loss of public housing, EITC, the 2010 census, and other issues.

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