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TDD 1-800-255-0056 Statewide for hearing impaired

Atlanta Central Office
104 Marietta Street, Suite 250
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(404) 206-5175 or 1-800-498-9469

Pro Bono Project of the State Bar of Georgia
104 Marietta Street, Suite 100
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(404) 527-8762 or 1-800-334-6865

Farmworker Rights
104 Marietta Street, Suite 250
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(404) 463-1633 or 1-800-537-7496

GLSP provides free language interpretation for non-English-speaking callers.

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Child with cancer gets education plan with GLSP’s help

Girl with cancerMrs. Valasquez contacted Georgia Legal Services Program because she was worried about her 13-year-old daughter, a middle-schooler who had been diagnosed with leukemia. The daughter, Amada, was being bullied at school and on the school bus. Children were, among other things, pulling off her hat and laughing at her head, which was bald due to chemotherapy. A boy was harassing her daily on the bus. Amada was also being left sitting in an office during physical education, rather than being given access to a computer or other activity she could participate in. Because she was often ill or hospitalized, she also needed extra help with her academics and extra time to complete assignments. Although Mrs. Valasquez had spoken with school officials, she did not feel her concerns were being heard. She felt that Amada, because of her illness, was not getting the education she had a right to.

GLSP took her case and contacted the middle school principal, who said that a special education plan had been in place for Amada in elementary school, but a new one for middle school had not been developed. GLSP lawyers worked with the school and brought in an education specialist from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where Amada was being treated for her illness. After several months of negotiation, an individual education plan (IEP) was formulated that gave Amada extra time to complete assignments, extra time to get to classes, specific help with her school work and time to rest and drink water during the day. She was also given permission to wear a hat to school to cover her bald head. School officials also addressed the bullying and helped make Amada’s time in school safer and more productive.

GLSP’s intervention in the case helped make school officials more reliably attentive to Amada’s needs. She and her mother were satisfied with the new education plan.  Amada is now making good progress in school.

The clients’ names have been changed to protect their confidentiality.

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