Family Violence / Health Law

Vicky KimbrellVicky Kimbrell

Ms. Kimbrell is recognized statewide as an expert on health and family law, particularly domestic violence. She has written widely and has handled numerous federal and state appellate cases dealing with custody, child support, juvenile law, Medicaid and public benefits. She has trained law enforcement officials, judges and other lawyers on family and juvenile law matters throughout the state and nationally.

Ms. Kimbrell received the Director’s Award from the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council for her work on behalf of victims of crime, as well as the Dan Bradley award from the Georgia Bar for her years of service to low-income Georgians. She was recognized by Emory Law School’s Public Interest Committee for her service in the public interest. She has served on the Georgia Supreme Court’s Committee on Justice for Children and the Georgia Family Violence Commission.

A graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law, she grew up in Gwinnett County and lives there now.

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