Economic development Homero LeonHomero Leon, Jr. Economic Development watch Specialist Attorney revatio vs viagra (404) 206 5175 ex. 1594

watch cialis as needed Topics: Rural economic development, affordable housing, micro enterprise, community development, resource development. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Mr. Leon has specialized since 2000 in helping develop rural grassroots community-based organizations. He represents these organizations in economic development projects such as affordable housing, micro enterprise and community development corporations. An example of this work is the “Home Sweat Home” affordable housing program in Dawson, Ga., which was incorporated with Leon’s help and is building several houses to be sold to low income residents for less than $85,000 each. The organization building the homes, James L. Barnes Community Development Corporation, has used Leon’s legal assistance in managing and operating the organization, forming partnerships with local banks, applying for funding, acquiring land, financing loans to low-income families. Before specializing in economic development, Mr. Leon was a GLSP specialist attorney focusing on education issues. He is a member of the Georgia NAACP, Georgia Rural-Urban Summit, Georgia Micro-Enterprise Network, Georgia State Trade Association of Nonprofit Developers and the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights.

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