GLSP, State Bar campaign exceeds goal

Holmen and check

State Bar President Charles Ruffin presents check to GLSP Executive Director Phyllis Holmen

GLSP’s recent campaign through the State Bar of Georgia has surpassed its fundraising goal by netting $554,299.

“We are so pleased to see growing support among the private bar,” said Executive Director Phyllis Holmen.

Donations to the State Bar “And Justice for All” campaign come from individual lawyers around the state who either write individual checks or opt in to a GLSP donation through their State Bar dues payment. The funds were presented to Holmen by State Bar President Charles Ruffin at the Bar convention in Amelia Island, Florida in June.

“It is gratifying to see lawyers across the state write checks to support civil legal services for the poor,” said Holmen.  The Bar campaign represents less than five percent of GLSP’s total budget, but is the way the organization connects with Georgia lawyers who believe in supporting civil legal aid. Many state lawyers also support GLSP by volunteering to represent low-income clients pro bono.

Most of GLSP’s funding comes from grants from the Legal Services Corporation, which is funded by Congress and supports legal aid organizations across the country. Other GLSP funding comes from contracts through the Older Americans Act, as well as grants from the Judicial Council of Georgia, the Georgia Bar Foundation, the State Bar of Georgia Pro Bono Project, the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, the Georgia Legal Services Foundation, the National Council on Aging, various fundraising events and others.

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Fund to support GLSP fellows from Emory Law

As former GLSP board President Aaron Buchsbaum neared the end of his life, his family sought ways to honor the institutions that had meant so much to him. Georgia Legal Services Program was one of those institutions. With the establishment of the Aaron L. Buchsbaum Fellowship Fund, based on a gift of $650,000 from Buchsbaum and his wife Esther, a recent Emory Law graduate will be chosen every other year to receive funding to work as a fellow at GLSP for a year.

Read more from Emory Lawyer magazine: CLICK HERE

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GLSP wins major ABA award for public service

Contact: Susan Wells, Public Information Specialist or cell: 404 558-0372

Georgia Legal Services Program has won major recognition from the American Bar Association in the form of the Hodson Award for Public Service for 2014.
Named in honor of the distinguished public service career of the late Major General Kenneth J. Hodson, a former Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Army and founder of the ABA’s Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division, the Hodson Award recognizes “sustained, outstanding performance for a specific and extraordinary service by a government or public sector law office.”
“The work ethic, accomplishments and dedication of the staff of the Georgia Legal Services Program are truly an inspiration to other public lawyers across the country,” said Alexander W. Purdue, chair of the American Bar Association, as he announced the award.
In the nomination letter, a committee of prominent Georgia lawyers wrote:
“For over 40 years, GLSP attorneys and paralegals have reached out to clients in rural areas, small towns and even counties in Georgia where there are no other lawyers at all. The firm is innovative, strategic, and effective in addressing critical civil legal problems. In this nomination, you will read about the efforts of GLSP to address the recession-driven legal needs of their clients, even in the face of declining resources with which to do so. We believe the sustained, extraordinary services by GLSP make it highly deserving of the Hodson Award for 2014.”
That committee includes R. William Ide III, a partner in McKenna Long & Aldridge law firm, a past president of the ABA and one of the founders of GLSP. It also includes The Honorable Hugh Thompson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia.
The award will be presented at the American Bar Association’s Annual Meeting in Boston at the Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division’s awards reception on Friday, August 8th.

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2013 Champions For Justice chosen by GLSP board



Atlanta—Georgia Legal Services Program has selected five outstanding Georgians as Champions of Justice for 2013. These three lawyers, one community activist, and one former staff member are honored for their service to GLSP and its mission of providing access to justice and avenues out of poverty for low-income people all over the state outside Metro Atlanta.

“We deeply enjoy celebrating these folks because they are our heroes,” said GLSP Executive Director Phyllis Holmen. “They have walked the walk for years, sometimes decades, to help Georgians from the lowest economic circumstances  gain access to the courts and to justice to help resolve issues that keep them trapped in poverty.”

This is the third year the GLSP Board of Directors has named Champions of Justice.

“Our Champions of Justice have each demonstrated a passion and commitment to ensuring access to our justice system for all Georgians.   They have each worked tirelessly to preserve this principle that is so fundamental to our democracy, and I find myself inspired and humbled by the example they have set,” said Board President Ben Garren of The Coca Cola Co.’s Legal Department.

Georgia Legal Services is a non-profit law firm serving 154 Georgia counties outside metro Atlanta. Its attorneys serve low-income clients in civil matters such as domestic violence protection, access to health care, preserving housing, access to public education, and more.


Anne Ervin is nominated for her long and faithful service on the GLSP board of directors, as a client member representing the Columbus region, appointed by the Muscogee County Foster Parents Association.    Ms. Ervin served two full terms, from 1992 — 2000 and 2003 — 2011.   She also served as a member of the Executive Committee from 1998 – 2000, and 2003 — 2005, and as Vice President from 2005 — 2011.    During her service she was a dedicated supporter of the mission of GLSP and an active and faithful participant at board meetings.   Ms. Ervin also faithfully contributed financially to GLSP.


Linda Klein, managing shareholder at Baker Donnelson’s Georgia offices, is nominated for her extraordinary work on behalf of the cause of justice for all over several decades.  As President of the State Bar of Georgia, she conceived and implemented plan to secure $2 million from the Georgia General Assembly in 1995 for legal services to needy survivors of domestic violence.  Since that date, over $ 35 million has been appropriated for this purpose, enabling thousands of survivors of domestic violence across the state to secure protective orders, child support awards, assistance with needed benefits and resolution of related problems involving housing, schooling, and more.   Linda has remained a member of the Judicial Council Committee to Distribute Funding for Domestic Violence Victims to assure this funding is dedicated to the cause she fought for. She chaired the board of the Lawyers Foundation of Georgia and served on the board of the Georgia Bar Foundation, assuring that resources from those organizations are also directed to legal services for the poor.  She received the State Bar’s H. Sol Clark award in 1999, and a Resolution from the GLSP board in 2008, for these and other efforts.   As a leader of the American Bar Association, she continues to actively support civil legal services for the poor by annually lobbying Georgia congressional delegation to support the Legal  Services Corporation, and by speaking and writing about the cause of justice for all.


Cubbedge Snow, Jr., retired partner at Martin Snow in Macon, Ga., is nominated for his many years of service to the cause of justice for all, beginning with his support of the early efforts of the young lawyers working to establish the Georgia Indigents Legal Services and GLSP in the early 1970s.    Cubbedge Served on the board of GLSP from 1988 – 1993, and as president of the State Bar of Georgia from 1974 — 1975, continuing to advocate for justice for all.    He has served as a member of the American Bar Association House of Delegates and its Board of Governors, as well as a member of many ABA committees, most notably the Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services.    Access to justice has been one of the abiding values of Cubbedge’s legal career, and his personal support for staff of GLSP has been invaluable.   Cubbedge received the H. Sol Clark Award from the State Bar of Georgia in 1988.

Copy of Frank StricklandFRANK STRICKLAND

Frank Strickland, of Strickland Brockington Lewis in Atlanta, is nominated for his longstanding dedication to the cause of equal justice.  Frank served on the GLSP Board from 1997 — 2003 as a State Bar appointee.  He was a member of the Board’s Executive Committee from 1998-2001, and served as Vice-President from 2001 — 2003, chairing the Fundraising Committee in that capacity.  Frank resigned from the GLSP board to take the office of Chair of the Board of the Legal Services Corporation in 2003, where he served until 2010.  Frank expended tremendous personal and political influence to advance the cause of justice, building a renewed bipartisan base of support for legal services in the U.S. Congress.   He devoted countless uncompensated hours in meetings of the LSC board held across the United States and in other countries.  He continues to support the national cause as a member of the board of the Friends of the Legal Services Corporation.   He continues to work to develop new resources for legal services in Georgia as well.  Thousands of lives have been positively affected by his service.  Frank received a resolution of appreciation for his efforts from the GLSP Board in 2010.


Jack Webb is nominated as a Champion of Justice for his dedication to the cause of justice for all as demonstrated by his long tenure as the Director of Finance for Georgia Legal Services Program.  Jack served in that position from January 2, 1979, until his retirement on March 31, 2011. He developed and implemented financial processes, budget planning, and accounting oversight as GLSP grew into a multi-million dollar non-profit law firm with multiple and ever-increasing funding sources, each with different reporting requirements, restrictions and deliverables, and grant terms.   He supported administrative staff in multiple offices throughout Georgia, which for a period of time exceeded twenty different locations.  He provided high-level, confidential, and creative input to the GLSP Executive Team, working through widely varying funding challenges and opportunities that changed every year.   He offered wise counsel and constant emphasis on making decisions with the best interests of service to clients as a touchstone.  As a supreme test, GLSP came through an audit by the LSC Inspector General in February 2013 with no issues, thanks in large part to the systems and staffing that Jack developed and supported.


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Longtime donors honored at three law firms

Members of the law firms of Sutherland and Alston & Bird were honored at recent receptions at those firms. Donors from King & Spalding will be honored in an upcoming reception. These individuals have given consistently to GLSP for more than 15 years, and several have been supporters for more than 25 years. Former board member Charlie Lester hosted the event at Sutherland on May 30, 2013, in the absence of board member Patti Gorham. Board member Pat Flinn was the host of the Alston & Bird event on June 26, 2013. All of the special donors were delighted to be recognized and happy to learn more about the work of GLSP.

Here’s a list of the honored donors:

Sutherland, May 30, 2013

George L. Cohen
Katherine M. Cohen
Peter H. Dean
John H. Fleming
Peter A. Fozzard
Dorothy B. Franzoni
Patricia A. Gorham
Wiliam M. Hames
Charles D. Hurt, Jr.
Charles T. Lester, Jr.
James R. McGibbon
Daniel R. McKeithen
James A. Orr
W. Henry Parkman

Alston & Bird, June 26, 2013

John L. Coalson, Jr.
Clare H. Draper, IV
Robert G. Edge
Dow N. Kirkpatrick, II
John L. Latham
Timothy J. Peaden
John I. Spangler, III
Laura G. Thatcher

King & Spalding, October 3, 2013

Patricia T. Barmeyer
John A. Chandler
Albert H. Conrad, Jr.
Dwight J. Davis
G. Lemuel Hewes
William E. Hoffmann, Jr.
Philip E. Holladay, Jr.
Harry C. Howard
Daniel J. King
Ralph B. Levy
L. Joseph Loveland, Jr.
Mason W. Stephenson
Elizabeth V. Tanis

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Champions of Justice Event Honors Men and Women Who Have Given Decades of Service to Low-Income Georgians

At a gala reception March 14, 2013, at the State Bar of Georgia Building, the Champions of Justice were honored for their service in making justice accessible to low income Georgians. Look below the story for pictures of the event. (Photos by Don Morgan Photography & Video)

Honoree Elizabeth "Betsy" Neely, a co-founder of GLSP.

Champion of Justice Elizabeth “Betsy” Neely, Esq., said her help creating Georgia Legal Services Program is “one of the proudest associations of my Life. I’m so proud of what this program has done.”

Her sentiments summed up the atmosphere at the March 14, 2013, Champions of Justice event, at which men and women who have worked decades to bring access to justice to thousands of low income Georgians were honored for their service.

Neely, who was one of the co-founders of GLSP when she served on the Younger Lawyers Section Committee of the state Bar in the 1970s, helped establish the Georgia Indigents Legal Services and served as board secretary for several years. Along with honorees J. Ben Shapiro, Jr., Esq., Emory Law School Associate Dean A. James Elliott, R. William Ide, III, Esq., and Thomas E. Dennard, Jr., Esq., Neely studied the need for civil counsel for low-income Georgians before approaching the state Bar with the idea of setting up a legal aid organization to serve the small towns and rural areas of the state outside Metro Atlanta.

“When all is said and done, it’s what really makes a difference,” said Ide of his service to GLSP.  “We are lawyers, and that is what we are here to do is serve others.”

Thomas E. Dennard, Jr. Esq., co-founder of GLSP


The young lawyers who began GLSP had an uphill climb to make it happen, said Dennard, now an attorney in Brunswick. “We did not have a lot of support. A lot of people, even the Bar, did not support this back then. But my grandmother told me, ‘You do what you are supposed to do.’ So we kept on.

“It is so reassuring to see that 750,000 clients have been served in the 42 years GLSP has been around. What a wonderful tribute that is.”

Cora Johnson of Soperton has worked with GLSP’s indigent clients on social justice issues for 35 years. “I could have left Soperton,” she said, “but I wanted to make a difference where I live.” Now 87, Ms. Johnson is still working with GLSP and came to the event despite having broken her hip earlier in the year. “I’m out here now and can’t nobody stop me,” she said.

Honoree Cora Johnson

In opening remarks, GLSP Executive Director Phyllis Holmen said Ms. Johnson had said to her before the event, “You have to praise the bridge that brought you.”  That is the idea behind honoring the Champions, Holmen said. “These people have gone before us and built the bridge that brought us.”

Honoree Lillie Winn of Walthourville died in February before she could accept her award, but her sister and her granddaughter accepted it for her. “If she had lived,” said Twanda Walthour, Ms. Winn’s granddaughter, “she would have been here. You couldn’t have stopped her.  GLSP was HER thing. And I’m going to do like she did. I’m going to keep on.”

Photos of the Champions of Justice Honors Ceremony

Hon. Hardy Gregory, Burke Sherwood, Elizabeth Neely, William Ide, Ben Shapiro, James Elliott, Thomas Dennard, Cora Johnson, Rosie Walthour, Phyllis Holmen.

Honoree R. William Ide, III, Esq., co-founder of GLSP.

GLSP Board President Burke Sherwood, Honoree Cora Johnson, GLSP Executive Director Phyllis Holmen, Hon. Hardy Gregory.

Honoree Ben Shapiro, co-founder of GLSP, with Phyllis Holmen.

Honoree James Elliot, Associate Dean of Emory Law School and co-founder of GLSP.

Twanda Walthour, grand daughter of Honoree Lillie M. Winn, and Mrs. Winn's sister Rosie Walthour.

GLSP Board Member Wanda Collier with Board Chairman Burke Sherwood.


GLSP Board Member Michael Geoffroy gave closing remarks.

Hon. Hardy Gregor, former Georgia Supreme Court Justice, presented the awards. He is with Phyllis Holmen.

More pictures of the festivities!


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Cy pres awards support justice for all

Many thanks to Butler, Wooten & Fryhofer LLP!
GLSP has recently received the latest in a series of cy pres  awards that go back five years and involve four major cases handled by attorneys from the Columbus law firm Butler, Wooten & Fryhofer LLP, totaling almost $265,000.   We are deeply grateful for the support of the Hon. Clay Land of the U.S. District Court in Columbus and Judge John D. Allen of the Superior Court of Muscogee County.   The recommendations for these awards by Jim Butler and Joel Wooten, Charles A. Gower and Ben B. Phillips of Columbus, Samuel W. Oates of Columbus, and William H. Crowder of Minneapolis, MN, reflect their recognition of the importance of access to justice and their commitment to our shared value of justice for all.    These awards have enabled us to sustain services for low-income clients in the Columbus region despite severe reductions in funding from other sources.
Please contact GLSP Executive Director Phyllis J. Holmen at 404-563-7710, ext. 1609, or to inquire further about how cy pres awards to GLSP help make a difference for clients.

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GLSP awarded grant to combat domestic violence

Georgia Legal Services received a three-year grant of $700,383 from the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Violence Against Women to focus on legal representation, outreach, and services for survivors of domestic violence in two areas in rural Georgia.

GLSP offices in Gainesville and Macon will be able to provide legal representation for survivors of domestic violence in rural counties where resources for domestic violence survivors may be limited.  The grant will make a special effort to seek out minority, elder, and lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered victims who may find it especially difficult to access available resources for safety.

Our  partners in the grant include local shelter and service agencies, sexual assault centers, the Georgia Family Violence Commission, the Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault, and United for Safety.  This grant also supports the GLSP Teen Dating Violence Project in Middle Georgia that has reached more than 8,000 students, teachers, administrators, and parents in the last 12 months.


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GLSP wins two technology grants

Georgia Legal Services Program has been approved for two Technology Innovative Grants from the Legal Services Corporation.

One, for $163,750, is a collaborative project involving four other legal services organizations and the national Pro Bono Net organization to develop mobile-ready content providing legal information to individuals to access on their cell phones.  More and more of our clients are accessing the Internet solely via mobile devices rather than computers, so this is an effort to provide resources for them.

The second project will test the concept of providing mobile phones to farmworkers in rural Georgia with which they will be able to record data reflecting hours worked, and which will be GPS-coded to reflect the location of the farm/field.   If successful, the approach could provide an effective and easy way for farmworkers to document their wage claims and help increase compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. GLSP has represented a number of farmworkers in cases against growers over alleged violations of the Act. This grant is for $50,754.

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GLSP a beneficiary of Associates Campaign for Legal Services

The 2012 ACYL Associates’ Campaign for Legal Services began in July, and will run through October 31, 2012. The Associates Campaign is an annual grass-roots campaign comprised of associates at Atlanta-area law firms that aims to raise both awareness of the critical need for pro bono legal services in our community and much-needed funds for those organizations.

 Beneficiaries of the 2012 Campaign:

-Atlanta Legal Aid Society
-Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation
-First Presbyterian Coming Home Project
-Georgia Asylum & Immigration Network (GAIN)
-Georgia Innocence Project
-Georgia Justice Project
-Georgia Law Center for the Homeless
-Georgia Legal Services Program
-Georgia State Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic
-Latin American Association Immigration Services Department
-ProBono Partnership of Atlanta
-Southern Center for Human Rights
-Georgia Appleseed Student Tribunal Project
-Truancy Intervention Project

Since its inception in 2000, the Associates’ Campaign has raised over $500,000- for Atlanta-area legal services organizations. The 2011 Associates’ Campaign raised over $18,000 from associates in eighteen different law firms for eleven legal services organizations.

The Campaign, which is organized by the ACYL Board, is carried out through campaign coordinators at each local firm who provide information and seek contributions from their fellow associates. For more information about the Campaign, or to become involved in the Campaign at your firm, please contact Campaign Co-Chairs Jonathan Smith of Scoggins Goodman ( or Rick Bold of Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore (

All Campaign donors and participating firms will receive recognition from The Atlanta Bar in its publications, including the Atlanta Lawyer.



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