GLSP Supports Lawsuit Over GNETS Schools

viagra price chemist warehouse Georgia Legal Services Program supports the statewide class-action case, Georgia Advocacy Office vs. State of Georgia, filed on Oct. 11, 2017, in federal court on behalf of students with disabilities still being segregated by Georgia’s use of the Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Supports program, or GNETS. This private lawsuit follows a lawsuit that the Justice Department’s civil rights division filed against the State of Georgia in August 2016 for unnecessarily segregating children with disabilities and failing to provide adequate education and mental health treatment in GNETS schools. GLSP’s support is in the spirit of the Olmstead case that determined that people with mental disabilities have the right to live in the community rather than in institutions according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. GLSP continues to undertake individual representation of students at GNETS programs outside of Atlanta, but hopes that all students with disabilities at GNETS schools in Georgia will benefit from Olmstead.

can i buy viagra in egypt Almost two years ago, we–along with Atlanta Legal Aid Society–urged Governor Deal to address the statewide systemic violations of the ADA by negotiating a resolution with the Department of Justice.  We stand in support of the students that have come forward to enforce the promise of Olmstead in Georgia public schools and break down another wall of segregation whose time has long passed.
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