Fact Sheet: Cuts To Medicaid Would Harm Georgia

source The changes to Medicaid that Congress is currently considering would have a significant impact on our clients.  follow Medicaid funding is essential to delivering care in rural areas. The National Health Law Program and the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families put together here this fact sheet outlining the effects such changes would have on Georgia. (Citations are included in the attachment.)


follow Here are a few highlights:


follow site Medicaid caps

  1. thesis antithesis synthesis feuerbach Cuts to Medicaid will jeopardize Georgia’s ability to provide health care to children, seniors, and people with disabilities. The proposed caps under the AHCA would effectively cut $4 billion of federal funding for Georgia over a ten-year period, shifting these costs to the state.
  2. go site Caps on Medicaid funding would blow a hole in Georgia’s budget. Georgia’s Medicaid budget relies heavily on federal funding, comprising 49.2% of total federal funds to the state. Federal funding of Medicaid frees up state funding for schools, workforce development, transportation, and public safety.
  3. source link Priority health initiatives in Georgia source link are at risk if Medicaid funding is capped. Medicaid funding is essential to delivering care in rural areas.  Medicaid funding helps people who need long term care, like seniors and people with disabilities, stay in their homes and communities and out of nursing facilities. Medicaid funding allows 968,300 women and girls in Georgia to obtain the health care they need throughout their lives. Medicaid is the primary source of funding for treatment services for people with mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

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