GLSP offers resources for GA lawyers whose clients need an interpreter in court

Georgia Legal Services Program has developed a special set of resources to help lawyers request interpreters in civil proceedings in Georgia.  The Georgia Supreme Court Committee promulgated rules on the use of interpreters for the hearing impaired and for people who have limited English proficiency.  The materials offered by GLSP include a motion for an interpreter, a brief in support of the motion, brief attachments and an order for an interpreter at no cost to the client.

You can access the interpreter materials here.

GLSP attorney Jana J. Edmondson authored a February 2013 Georgia Bar Journal article entitled, Working with an Interpreter: Providing Effective Communication and Ensuring Limited English Proficient Clients Have Meaningful Access to Justice.  The article reviews the legal authority for requiring interpreters in the legal context, the ethical obligation to communicate effectively with a client who speaks limited English and tips for working with interpreters.  Read the Georgia Bar Journal article on interpreters.

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