GLSP lawyer helps woman and her children gain freedom from domestic violence

cost of viagra without insurance Mrs. Parker made her unemployed husband leave home after he became violent with her, causing her young sons to break into the room to protect her. He left and stayed away for six months, never trying to see their children or communicate with his wife. But then neighbors began to text her that he was hanging around on Mrs. Parker’s porch at night and sitting in his car near the youngest son’s school bus stop during the day. Then he began showing up at Mrs. P’s place of work and trying to talk to her. She would get security to walk her to the car, but he would follow them insisting that she talk to him.

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click here Mrs. Parker tried to get a divorce, pro se, but he wouldn’t sign all the papers, and the court rejected the case because the papers were incomplete.

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el viagra sirve en la mujer Mrs. Parker made changes to her routine so he wouldn’t know where she was, but he kept showing up at her home. He once took the youngest son without asking her and tried to enroll him in school in another state. He had no address so he brought the boy back home, but kept insisting that Mrs. P talk to him. She called the police and offered to talk to him at the sheriff’s office or at a church, but he refused.

generic viagra suhagra Her husband was getting much more aggressive, so she came to Georgia Legal Services Program for help.

follow A GLSP attorney in our Piedmont office took the case. She gathered evidence and spoke with witnesses and represented Mrs. Parker in court. The judge granted a 12-month protective order for her and her children and reopened the divorce case. GLSP is also working to get custody and child support for Mrs. Parker. Mrs. Parker said GLSP’s help was invaluable to restoring safety to her life. Her attorney’s help showed her “that I wasn’t alone, someone was on my side and understood my situation and could help before it turned into a tragedy.”

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