GLSP helps woman illegally evicted from her home

follow url Ms. Miller went in to pay her rent on August 1 for her Conyers apartment, but her landlord refused to take the money, saying she must vacate within 30 days despite the fact that she had just renewed the lease in July. The landlord would give no reason why Ms. Miller was being kicked out.

source site On August 19, Ms. Miller came home to find that the locks were changed and all her personal property had been taken out of the apartment. A dispossesory warrant was under the door. She protested to the landlord, who told her the apartment appeared to be vacant and said he didn’t know anything about her possessions.

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100mg viagra She called GLSP and Mike Tafelski in our Piedmont office took the case. He got the deadline for filing an answer to the warrant extended (the deadline was the day he got the case) then appeared in court for Ms. Miller. After a four-hour hearing, the judge dismissed all the landlord’s claims against Ms. Miller and awarded her $1,500 in punitive damages for the loss of her property. The landlord also had to pay $1,000 in attorney’s fees to GLSP.

see The client’s name has been changed to protect her confidentiality

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