GLSP Benefits Hotline helps elderly woman get needed eye medication

Ms. Turner is a senior with glaucoma living in Albany. She has lost one eye and has difficulty seeing with the other.

Ms. Turner was denied the glaucoma medicine she needed because Medco, the Part D Medicare intermediary she was using would not cover the brand name medicine her doctor had recommended. She had tried other medications that were covered on the formulary but suffered harsh side effects that left her dizzy, nauseated, and unable to function.

Ms.Turner’s doctor and her druggist tried to assist her in resolving the matter, but without success.  The druggist advised Ms. Turner that the drug she actually needed was less expensive than the drug that she was receiving and that was covered.

Ms. Turner learned about the GLSP Benefits Hotline through her neighbor. The Benefits Hotline helps senior citizens and people with disabilities get the help they need through government benefits programs such as Medicaid and Supplemental Nutritional Aid. A grant from the National Council on Aging makes the Hotline work possible.

The GLSP Hotline staff began the Part D appeal process to help Ms. Turner get her medicine. As soon as we contacted the appeals coordinator, she began working out the prescription problem.  Medco decided to cover the drug Ms. Turner needed and immediately called her druggist to advise him that her prescription would be covered. She was able to pick up her medication the same day.

“Y’all are really doing a great thing for us seniors, especially,” said Ms. Turner. “It was a life saver; I have already lost one eye. This was a miracle for me. I didn’t know where to turn. I just couldn’t go on being sick like was. I had my medicine within an hour of talking to you. My eyes are so much better now. Thank you so much.”

 The client’s name has been changed to protect her confidentiality.




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