A summons to the White House

Phyllis Holmen at the White House

Phyllis Holmen at the White House.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

By Phyllis J. Holmen, Special to the Daily Report

The phone call came during a board meeting. The president of the Legal Services Corp. urged that I leave the meeting and call back. “It’s important. We want you to come to the White House and talk about what you do,” he said.


Six of us were chosen from around the country, directors of legal aid and legal services organizations accustomed to toiling quietly in the hinterlands. We work on behalf of low-income folks with the kind of life-and-death legal problems that the poor face: the plague of domestic violence, the near impossibility of maintaining a family structure in the face of grinding poverty, the gut-wrenching choices that have to be made between paying medical bills or buying groceries.

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